01-17-17 Winter Magic

By Scott Shephard

A couple of weeks ago I was listing the things I liked about winter in South Dakota. The first thing that popped into my head was that I don't have to clean bugs off of the windshield at the gas station. But that was it. So sad*.

But yesterday, when I was out north of Watertown looking for photo opportunities, I discovered one more thing I like about winter: frost on trees, as you see in this photo. A third thing I like about this time of year: amazing pure blue skies that seem to follow bad weather and which, if there is snow cover, produces the most brilliant and pure light you can imagine.

Of course, I've taken the color out of this photo. But that's because the sky wasn't the subject here and without the sky this scene was almost monochrome anyway.

DJI FC6310 1/1250s f/9.0 ISO100 8.8mm (35mm eq:24mm)

*I find myself using phrases that appear in D. Trump's Twitter feed. So sad. But I now call those phrases and words "Trumpisms." E.G. : "loser" "crime infested inner cities" "FAKE NEWS" etc. But I digress . . . . 

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