02-10-17 Memorial Church - Stanford University

By Scott Shephard

Deb and I spent most of yesterday morning wandering around the campus of Stanford University. Anyone who has been here would agree that it is a beautiful place and there is much to see. The highlights for me, though, were the Hoover Tower, which offers great views of the campus, and the Memorial Church pictured here.

The campus was quiet for a Friday morning but the relative silence was amplified when we steeped into this amazing place. This is one of those buildings that doesn't really call attention to itself on the outside. But the interior . . . . Well, you be the judge.

For those interested in the photographic process, you should know that this is a 3 frame HDR sequenced processed in my new favorite HDR tool called Aurora HDR 2017. This was hand-held using my non image-stabilized 16-35 2.8L lens. The slowest shutter speed was 1/10 of a second. You don't get particularly sharp photos as such a slow speed and yet this one isn't too bad. How do I do this? I try not to breath when I take the photos. Next time I'll have my tripod. :-)

Canon 5DIII f/2.8 ISO2000 17mm

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