02-11-17 What Is Reality? Part I

By Scott Shephard

Policeman by Duane Hanson

She sneezes and he seems to ignore her in his placid vigilance. He is Policeman by Duane Hanson at the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art (SFMOM). She is a museum guard who wasn't exactly on guard the moment I snapped this photo.

So if I ask, "What is real in this photo?" You would say that the answer is easy: the woman is real and the policeman is some kind of strange sculpture. But I will remind you that when you are looking at a photo, nothing is real. Both of the "people" in this picture are two dimensional. You aren't. Furthermore, this photo is really millions of little squares called pixels that are blended together to create a illusion. You aren't an illusion. Right?

Tomorrow: "What Is Reality" Part II

Canon 5DIII 1/45s f/4.0 ISO1000 47mm

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