05-27-17 Three Rooms Full

By Scott Shephard

I have visited many art museums where you turn a corner and there is one painting by Vincent Van Gogh. If you are a fan of Vincent, as I am, that's enough to make the museum an even better investment of time.

So imagine turning a corner and finding not one Van Gogh painting but 3 rooms full! And then learning that there are perhaps 10 or 12 others in the possession of the museum but that "they just didn't have the room for all of them"? Amazing! But we did get to see 40 or so of his paintings. (Given that a Van Gogh sold in the 90s for around $100 million, one can only imagine the monetary value of this collection.)

The museum is the Kroller-Muller Museum in the Netherlands. Because it is well off the beaten path for most foreign tourists, it is not overrun. In fact for the half hour or so we were in the Van Gogh rooms, I encountered fewer than 20 people, and in this photo, there are only two people in the room - Deb and yours truly. Perfect!

Deb and I are not likely to return to this place but were certainly were glad we went.

Canon 5DIII 1/45s f/4.5 ISO640 32mm

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