07-19-16 Just A Few Years Ago

By Scott Shephard

When our two sons, Brian and Jon, were little, Deb used to tell me that I'd better appreciate them for what they were because they "will grow up in a hurry." I'm not sure I believed her and frankly, when they were toddlers, all I wanted was for them to get to an age when I could have a reasonable conversation with them. Unfortunately, by the time that happened, they were busy with friends and school and their personal pursuits. Before I knew it, they were in their 30s. They did grow up in a hurry.

I took very few photos of my sons when they were little and I feel sad about that. But every once and a while I come across a photo I took of one or the other, including this one. I don't know the date (pre-digital) but we were in the Black Hills and I'm guessing Jon was in his late teens. I told him that I wanted to practice taking a portrait or two. Jon was a willing and a photogenic subject.

Years later, when I look at this photo, I don't long for days past nor do I feel regret about missing opportunities. That seems pointless to me. All I can do is look forward to the many opportunities Deb and I will have to spend quality time with our sons and their family circles.

Canon something or other on black and white film.

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