04-11-09 Abandoned

_G9S9952 POTD Several years ago we had a governor who instituted a program to destroy abandoned farmsteads, which allegedly become havens for rodents and predators. Fortunately, the program wasn't all that successful and there are still many old houses, barns and sheds scattered through the countryside.

There is something very evocative in seeing hulks of buildings that were built a century ago. It's even more powerful to walk through one of these buildings and wonder about the people who used and inhabited them. This shed is in an area that I have photographed many times. It is about 15 miles north of our small town. Incidentally, this photo can be viewed on Google Earth but it might be easier to start at Panoramio.com.

Canon 1D Mark II 1/8s f/9.0 ISO100 21mm (Canon 17-24mm f/4.0)

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