11-15-17 Going Out in Style

11-15-17 Going Out in Style

I can't resist. . . 

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04-21-13 Not Done Yet

2013 04-21 Not Done Yet by Scott Shephard2013 04-21 Not Done Yet by Scott Shephard

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11-19-09 Decadence 05

Here's one last photo in this series. Sorry if "Decadence" wasn't your thing. . . .

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11-17-09 Decadence 03

I think this may be a weed or maybe poppy leaves. I was struck by the bright green against a background of brown. But I also like how the green is bleaching to yellow. Even the weed is letting go. . . .

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11-03-09 The First Snow

This is from my recent stay in Denver. I didn't have much time to wander around taking photos and the weather wasn't real conducive, anyway, with wet snow falling nearly continuously for two days.

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10-22-09 Seeing Red: Near the Red Hook Brewery

Behind me and to my left is the Red Hook Brewery, which is just outside of Seattle. I doubt you care about that detail. And you may be getting bored with the many Washington State leaf pictures I have featured in this blog. But here's another one.

I intentionally used my Canon 50mm 1.2 lens for this shot because I wanted a very narrow depth of field, which I thought might help accentuate the movement of the leaves in gentle breeze. I generally try for complete focus of the main subject in my photos, but this time I didn't care. I took about 10 pictures - all at the widest aperture of 1.2. When you are working with a wide aperture and trying to shoot something that is relatively close that is moving, you have to get lucky to get anything in focus. This was the best of the bunch.

Here's another photo shot within 100 yards of these trees. (Click)

Check out my Google Map screen capture to see both photo sites from the air. (Click)

Canon 5D 1/500s f/1.2 ISO320 50mm

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04-02-09 The Brilliance of Nature

If you go to Olympia, WA, be sure to find the Japanese Garden. It is a beautiful, serene enclave surrounding by fairly busy streets and office buildings. I was there is late November and it was raining. (Is that the norm at this time of year?). I had taken a few photographs of this tree from the front and then decided to look at the tree from behind. And this is what I saw.

The color is striking, of course, but so, too, are the twisted, near-black branches. I could have photographed for quite a while but the rain and my wife suggested that I should move on.

Canon 5D 1/60s f/4.5 ISO400 58mm (Canon 24-105 f/4.0L)

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