storm cloud

06-25-09 The Calm Before the Storm

This photo was taken from the back of my sailboat as it was moored at Spring Creek Marina north of Pierre, SD. I was fascinated by the texture and the color of the clouds. Instead of taking the photo, I should have been checking the mooring lines of my boat because a few minutes later winds reaching 50 to 60 mph hit the marina. Many of the boats suffered minor damage including mine. (Click here to see a few more photos.)

The black line visible on the water is an artificial breakwater made of giant truck tires. Unfortunately, a large section broke loose, allowing wind-driven waves reaching 4 or 5 feet high to roll through the marina. It was a hell of a ride!

I love sailing on Lake Oahe. But for 30 minutes, I was wishing that I and my "new" boat Wandering Star were anywhere but there.

Here are a few "Photos of the Day" that feature the Missouri River: The Perfect Place Incipience 3 Lake Oahe Sunset 212 Bridge Over the Missouri River Wandering Star

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