11.16.18 The World As I See It

By Scott Shephard

The world as I see it is a remarkable place
A beautiful house in a forest of stars in outer space
From a bird’s eye view I can see it has a well-rounded personality
From a bird’s eye view I can see we are family
From a bird’s eye view I can see you are just like me
— Jason Mraz - "The World As I See It"

Some of the houses you see here have “Make American Great” posters on their fences. A handful have remnants of “I’m with Hillary” still clinging to power poles. Many have American flags flying and a handful have the confederate flag proudly displayed.

But from a distance who would know that there are political statements being made in this landscape? Who would know if there were Republicans or Democrats living here? Sometimes it is good to remind ourselves that we Americans and even we humans have much more in common than we might imagine. I would think that our needs, our desires, our loves and our fears are fundamentally similar no matter where will live.

And maybe, if we stepped back and looked at the big picture from time to time, we could agree that the world is a remarkable place.

Canon 5DIII 1/500s f/8.0 ISO200 105mm 

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