Who Am I?

I bought my first "serious" camera when I was 13 years old. It was an Argus C3 and it cost $20. A few decades later, I purchased my first serious DSLR, a Canon 1D that cost $5500 without a lens! In the days of film, I used to love the magic of the darkroom. But today, I am much more enchanted with the magic of the digital process. For a person who sometimes lacks patience, the digital realm is perfect.

For much of my adult life, I taught high school history, English and philosophy. But for the last three years, I have taught photo/media in a two-year college. And while teaching subjects like <em>Macbeth</em> to 15 year olds was always a test of my teaching prowess, teaching photography has more than matched that challenge. But it has been a true joy.

As you can see from my "A Photo A Day Blog," I enjoy landscape, macro and architectural photography the most. When I am at my best as a photographer, time, place and self evaporate and all that exists is what I see through my lens.

Thanks for visiting Scott Shephard Photography.