01-11-17 Bird's Eye View

By Scott Shephard

There are many things wrong with this photo and yet I'm posting it anyway. Why? Well it's the best picture yet from my Phantom 4P drone. And I also set an altitude record just before I took it! 153 feet AGL (that's above ground level). I am allowed to go up to 400 feet with my current license, though this drone, according to the specs, is able to go up to 1500'. That's a long ways up.

Anyway, my drone offers a new venue for my photography but right now the big problem is South Dakota wind and weather, which aren't all that conducive to a newbie learning to fly a drone and take photos.

Incidentally, this is a selfie. Can you see the big grin I'm sporting?

Phantom FC6310 1/8s f/2.8 ISO1600 8.8mm (35mm eq:24mm) 

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