02-11-18 The Road Less Traveled?

By Scott Shephard

This is a road that heads north out of the small town of Los Barriles, Mexico. It also took us indirectly to a house we were staying at for a few days during our trip to the Baja. This is one of those roads that inspires awe - in part because of the vistas it provides but also because of the effort and engineering it suggests. It can't be easy making a road that cuts through soil that seems to consist purely of sand and boulders.

And if you're wondering how sand and rocks get piled hundreds of feet above the Sea of Cortez, the answer is that ancient seas and epochal erosional forces had a lot of time to play here a long, long time ago.

Phantom 4 Pro FC6310 1/120s f/7.1 ISO100 8.8mm (35mm eq:24mm)

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