02-21-17 Country Road

By Scott Shephard

I took this photo in late January by one of my places of photographic pilgrimage - Lonesome Lake, which is about 20 north of Watertown. My real mission was to fly close over the frozen water so I could learn about extremely low altitude flights. Given that I plan on doing this when I am at Lake Oahe, I thought it would be good to practice over frozen water first. My experiment went well.

Before leaving for home, I also took a few photos at high altitude and found this one to be my favorite. What I like best about this is the red/brown color of the serpentine gravel road. I also like how small my truck looks (bottom center). If you look at the point where the road appears in the right center of the photo, you will see that the road used to go straight. But now it disappears into the water. Apparently, the lake filled up and an interesting curved road around the lake was constructed.

DJI FC6310 1/500s f/6.3 ISO100 9mm (35mm eq:24mm) 

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