03-01-15 Return To Rome (Flashback Sunday)

By Scott Shephard

In case you hadn't noticed, it is the March 1st today. So what does this photo of the inside of the Pantheon in Rome have to do with this fact? Here's the stream of consciousness that got me here:

March > Named after Mars > Mars was a Roman god > the Pantheon was a temple built to honor all of the Roman gods > this photo.

My friends Sigmund Freud* and James Joyce** would be proud of me.

That aside, I love this building, which was the first significant domed structure ever built. And it is made out of concrete!

And, because my mind is still streaming consciousness, here's a video that suggests another connection. But I'm afraid this dome didn't last as long as the Pantheon's did.

*Freud tapped into a person's stream of consciousness by using free association in his psychotherapy

**Among other things, Joyce wrote Ulysses, which us at times is written in a mode that came to be known as "stream of conciousness." There are many pages in this novel that don't have any punctuation whatsoever. Frustrating, but I guess I don't punctuate my thoughts. Do You?

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