03-21-18 Late Winter snow

By Scott Shephard

When we headed out to the cabin last week, we faced a somewhat schizophrenic weather forecast - two days in the low 60s followed by a winter storm. Janus, the two faced Roman god, is the namesake for the month of January, apparently because that month could be a little sketchy in ancient Rome. But in South Dakota, March and April are often two faced.

Deb and I were a bit apprehenisve about a winter storm watch that then turned into a winter storm warning. We even thought about leaving for home after only one day. But I said that there is no more beautiful place to be to experience a snow storm than at the cabin. As long as we didn't get too much snow or wind

Well, for one full day the snow came straight down and by the time the snow quit we had gotten about 8" of beautiful snow. And with no wind, the day was perfect for flying my drone.

Phantom 4 Pro FC3310

Here are a few stills I took with the drone:

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