04-03-17 Pure Joy

By Scott Shephard

My wife tells me that second born children such as our granddaughter Ibby, who is today's subject, use charm to get attention. Ibby's 3 year old sister Glenyce gets attention with her impressive command of English and her persistent curiosity. Sister Ibby doesn't speak much that is intelligible to me but her smile and her eyes speak volumes.

Deb and I just returned home after spending 3 days babysitting while our son and daughter-in-law enjoyed a much-needed escape. Rather than being weary and burned out, we both spoke of the elation and joy we felt from our time with our 2 grandchildren. Generally, we kept our cool and were not at all surprised that these two kids were exceptionally well-behaved. We would certainly do it again. For two or three days at a stretch . . . :-)

Canon 5DIII 1/250s f/4.0 ISO400 200mm

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