04-28-16 Night Falls Fast on Cane Garden Bay


By Scott Shephard

The sun sets around 6:40 local time and it is completely dark by 7:00. In the northern latitudes we're used to long, lingering twilight and because I tend to go to bed early, I don't do night photography.

But here in the Virgin Islands it's no problem. It's certainly warm enough to be outside and, in the case of our current location, I have a fairly photogenic subject. 

I don't think I mentioned yesterday (same subject, different look) that Jimmy Buffett mentions Cane Garden Bay in his song "Manana." And "Cheesebuger in Paradise" may have been inspired by a meal Buffett ate at one of the restaurants here.

I believe that I have found paradise.  I haven't started looking for the perfect cheeseburger yet. 

Canon 5DIII f8 iso 800 30 seconds

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