07-27-16 The Buck Stops Here

By Scott Shephard

I apologize to Harry Truman for turning his famous quote into a cheesy blog title but I couldn't resist. And, yes, I have posted two other white tailed buck photos recently. So I also apologize for repeating myself.

In this case of this deer, we were taking photos of the grandchildren when our son Brian pointed him out as he was moving through a wooded area behind us. I pointed my camera towards him, Brian whistled and the deer stopped and struck this pose. Frankly, I couldn't have posed the deer in a better spot - it is well lit by soft morning light and the dark, internal framing helps show him off.

He looked at us for a few seconds and then continued on his way. Right now, life is good for this beautiful animal but I hope he lays low when hunting season rolls around.

Canon 5DIII 1/350s f/2.8 ISO400 200mm

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