07-28-18 Whitewater

By Scott Shephard

This little waterfall on Iron Creek is only a couple miles away from our cabin but it took more than 30 years to "discover" it. In fact, I had just seen it for the first time the day before I found this picture. And while I'd like to think that 64 is the new 40, I can tell you this this photo would have been much easier to make 30 years ago.

To get to this spot, I had to scramble down a pretty steep embankment (with tripod and camera bag), make my way onto a fairly small (and water-slicked) rock and set my tripod up with one leg in the water. I had to crouch to get the right angle and that was the hard part because at age 64, crouching is not my strong suit. My brother-in-law had come along on the morning I took this and though he didn't know it, he was my living "Life Alert". ("Ive fallen and I can't get up.")

Although I did drop a piece of electronic equipment into the water (shorted battery), I made it back up the embankment with a few "keeper" photographs. I'll no doubt be going back to this place to keep trying to get "the money shot" (which will never happen) . . . . 

Canon 5DIII 1.3s f/16.0 ISO100 16mm

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