08-25-16 Old Friends (Happily Getting Older)

By Scott Shephard

Selfies of sixty-something men may seem insipid. (Today's word is "sibilance"). But I couldn't resist getting a photo of the two of us at a place we have been visiting for over three decades.

I have discovered that things haven't changed much up on "The Rock," as I call it. If the stones could speak, they probably wouldn't say the same about us. Human time is just a little different than geologic time, after all. But that's OK with us.

We are still fairly mobile and generally lucid. And while I can't speak for my friend Scott P., I would dare suggest that whatever limits age has forced on us are more than compensated for by a greater appreciation of life and friendship and the blessings they both continue to offer.

Canon 5DIII 1/1000s f/4.0 ISO400 28mm

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