09-28-16 Candlelight

By Scott Shephard

I never know what you might think or feel when you see one of my photos. And generally I don't tell you about my perceptions. But on this one I will.

This photo was taken in Zagreb, Croatia, 9 years ago. Deb and I were enjoying a walk through the Old Town and we encountered an area where there were votive candles in a busy arcade. I was immediately drawn to the candles and took a few photos as Deb tried to hurry me, telling me that it wasn't totally appropriate given the religious nature of this place. I respected her sensibilities and we moved on.

My strongest memories of this place aren't necessarily represented in this photo, however. After nine years I can still smell the strong scent of burning tallow, which I sensed before I saw the candles. I can still feel the heat of the flames as I moved in close. I can still see the woman who was diligently and lovingly tending these votives. And I can still feel the silence induced in me by the serene and warm candle light. The noise of all of the people passing through this busy place faded away when I stopped to take this photo.

Charlie Brown said that there are three things people will sit and stare at: fire, water and a Zamboni machines. Today, I can only offer you fire.

Canon 5D 1/500s f/10.0 ISO400 105mm


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