09-06-17 Excursion

By Scott Shephard

Because I'm eager to post 6 days in a row, and because I am away from my main photo collection, I went looking for something of interest that I might have on my traveling laptop. I was delighted to find this photo, taken in late August, 2013, in Alaska.

Those who know me might recognize three very important Shephard/DeGeest family members: my wife in the foreground; son Jon sitting on the motor; and Glenyce D sitting next to Deb.

Far off in the background is the Un-Cruise Adventures ship Safari Endeavor. At the time, I believe that Jon was 2nd mate and in this photo he is leading an excursion in one of many amazing places we visited the week we spent on the boat.

Now, Jon is the captain of the Safari Endeavor, which plies the waters of Alaska during the summer and then spends the winter exploring the Sea of Cortez in Mexico. There is nothing in it for me to say that you should consider an Un-Cruise Adventure. But I will anyway . . . . 

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