19.01.08 Another World - Seattle Japanese Garden

By Scott Shephard

I have been combing my collection for photos I took in 2018 that might be blog worthy and, as so often happens, I was distracted. And that distraction lead to another side-track. Eventually, I ended up in Seattle on October 15th. It’s a form of time travel, I guess.

Anyway, what drew me to this particular photo, of course, was the complete absence of snow. Fellow South Dakotans might forgive me for wishful thinking given that most of the color that I can see in summer is absent right now. Over the top of my computer I see grays and browns (we live in a subdivision that bans real color). And I see snow.

I should tell you that you are looking at one of many amazing vistas at the Seattle Japanese Garden. It is a quiet a colorful spot in the midst of a major urban center. And I was there at the perfect time of year.

Canon 5DIII 1/45s f/8.0 ISO320 35mm

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