03-29-09 A 20th Century Cathedral?

03-29-09-a-20th-century-cathedral This is the Illinois State Office Building and I must say that while it's not quite as amazing as St. Peters, it is still somewhat overwhelming. The first time I was in the building, I was able to go to one of the upper floors and look down. Being mildly afraid of heights, I found it unsettling and wondered if any of the workers on upper floors had to deal with their own acrophobia. When I visited this time, I think that security concerns prohibited me from going past the ground floor.

Incidentally, my title is not intended to imply that working for government or in a government building is a religious experience. It isn't. Right?

Canon 20D 1/100s f/6.3 ISO800 10mm (Canon 10-22mm EFS)

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