07-13-09 Mysterious Symmetry

Our hens and chicks have decided to bloom this year and this is what the flower looks like. It measures 3/4" from tip to tip. Each of the round ball-like structures ringing the center of the flower will be a smaller bloom. Without a macro lens, all of this would be easy for the camera and the eye to miss.

But here's something interesting: I am struck by symmetry in nature and so I counted the two most obvious elements in this flower. And I discovered 11 petals and 22 little balls. I also discovered that if you count the red and black dots in the center of the flower, there are 11. And now I'm wondering where else the number "11" and its multiples occur in nature. . . .

Canon 5DII 1/50s f/8.0 ISO800 100mm

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