08-22-18 The Treasure in Greyhound Gulch

By Scott Shephard

If you turn south off of SD highway 40 on to Playhouse Road in the Black Hills, you will come to a bridge that crosses Iron Creek. But before the bridge there is a road called "Greyhound Gulch Road." It is clearly not a road that is claimed by the county as there hasn't been any significant maintenance on this road in the 40 years we've had a nearby cabin. In fact, in the last couple years, part of the road has been washed out. And the parts that aren't washed out are rough, steep and certainly not easily accessible by conventional vehicles.

But if you walked about a mile down this road (watch out for unleashed dogs!) you would come to these amazing structures, which are evocative of a time when Greyhound Gulch was a very busy and prosperous place. This log barn and out building were no doubt part of a small farm but Greyhound Gulch was best known for its countless mining operations, including the Glendale tin mine and the Etta Mine, which also produced tin and which today is sometimes referred to as "Hole in the Wall."

I have gone by the buildings in today's post at least a hundred times. But on this day I took the time to launch my drone a take a "portrait" or two. If I've enticed you to go to this place, you should ride a horse or a rugged mountain bike. Or you should bring good shoes. But remember - watch out for unleashed dogs.

Here's a broader view of this location. Note the condition of the road.


Phantom 4 Pro 1/80s f/5.0 ISO100 8.8mm (35mm eq:24mm) (5 frame HDR composite)

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