12-27-13 Our Pool Side Friend

20131228-064021.jpg There were several iguanas at the resort in Mexico where we spent the last week. They liked bananas and posing in the warm Mexican sun.

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12-26-13 Window Light

2013 12-26 Window Light I am taking a bit of a break from writing and in the process giving you at bit of a break, as well. Enjoy the photo. And how about a famous photographer quote?

“Photography is like stealing. You rob someone of a moment that exposes something essential about their character, their soul, if you like. There are people who are very conscious of that, who find that terrifying. The thought that everyone, friend of foe, can get so close to you, look you straight in the eye and judge you without having any control over it or being able to respond. A part of them has become the property of the photographer.” ― Esther Verhoef, Close-up

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