04-11-18 Monument Valley Utah

By Scott Shephard

Our Lonely Planet guidebook reminded us that this location has often been used as a backdrop for Hollywood movies. Perhaps the most famous movie scene filmed here occurs in "Forest Gump." You might recall that he ends his 3+-year jog across America on this very road. He stops on the road, turns to his loyal followers and says, "I'm pretty tired. I think I'll go home now."

Our friend Malyssa, who lives in southern Utah, said that when you drive this road, it is inevitable that you find people posing in the middle of the road with Monument Valley in the background. And sure enough, as I launched my drone to take this photo, a van pulled over, 5 or 6 people got out and proceeded to take way more photos of themselves than I would think was necessary. But to each his/her own. My photo is a typical "Shephard" photo: if there are people here (2 to be exact), you'll have to look very hard.

Phantom 4 Pro FC6310 1/640s f/6.3 ISO100 8.8mm (35mm eq:24mm)

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