Mt- Rushmore

05-02-13 Early

2013 05-02 Early by Scott Shephard This is the fifth in a series of HDR Black Hills photos taken in April, 2013. This was actually the first place I stopped the first time I went out hunting. This is not the first time I've taken a photo with weathered grass dominating the foreground, a distant horizon and an intriguing sky. (Lonesome Lake) But when you've found something you like, why not wear it out? (I will say that in the year since I did the Lonesome Lake HDR photo, I've gotten better - or at least I've found a formula I like better. In fact, I can think of a lot of things I can do better now than when I was younger. Except sit-ups.)

(PS: If you look closely, you'll see Mt. Rushmore in this photo.)

Canon 5DIII 1/20s f/18.0 ISO100 16mm

There are still 6 spots left in the July "Black Hills Photo Adventure." How about joining me?

Screen Shot 2013-04-30 at 4.59.01 AM

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07-04-09 Yet Another Mt. Rushmore Photo!

To honor Independence Day. . . (Though if you look closely, there is a little snow under Teddy's chin.)

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04-29-16 The 4 Presidents - Early Morning

By Scott Shephard

I'm guessing that there have tens of thousands of photos taken from this vantage point. So what makes this photo different? Maybe two things. First, it was taken just after sunrise (on this day about 5:30) so the sunlight is casting strong horizontal shawdows. Second, I framed this photo with the curving road leading the eye to the break in the trees which reveals Mt. Rushmore in the distance. Remember to look for elements that can help frame the main subject in your photo.

Canon 1D 1/320s f/3.5 ISO250 200mm

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