01-18-17 Caught!

By Scott Shephard

This fence is on the north side of the road I was on when I saw this. As far as I can tell, then, this tumbleweed was headed for North Dakota when it's plans were foiled. After deciding to feature this photo, I went online to learn a little more about the tumbleweed. One source said that it is also known as "Russian thistle." Really? I didn't know that. Another source said simply that the best "unnatural enemy of tumbleweed is a fence." For this, I offer this photo as exhibit A.

I was well past this spot, incidentally, when I decided that the tumbleweed had softly called out to me to stop and document its plight. I backed up and took this photo. If I had been a humanitarian, I would have freed the tumbleweed, though it was a windless day and so it would have stayed in this place anyway. Also, the snow was 18" deep in the ditch between the road and fence and I didn't have my rescue boots on.

And so this generally disrespected weed will stay here. Until, perhaps, a strong north wind dislodges it and sends it tumbling towards Nebraska.

Canon 5DIII 1/4000s f/2.8 ISO100 140mm

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