03-19-17 This Is "The Rock"

By Scott Shephard

Those who read my blog and those who know me well know that speak in reverential tones of a place that I call "The Rock." If it has a name, I'm not aware of it. It isn't too far away from our cabin and I often go there just to enjoy the view. But more often "The Rock" serves as a platform from which to take photographs. But yesterday for the first time it was a platform from which to launch my Phantom 4, which is generically called a drone, a quadcopter or a UAV.

Whatever you call it, it is a remarkable flying camera. Since I got a drone in December, I have been imagining flying from The Rock, which is obviously prominent but hard to see because it is surrounded by trees. So here it is.

I suspect that only those who have visited this place will truly appreciate this photo because when you are standing on top of it, you have no idea how steep and high or big it is. But how can you tell the size? Well, if you look very closely, you will see me. Find the highest tree in this photo and then look down and to the right and you will see my diminutive figure. What am I doing? I'm taking a pretty fancy selfie and I have a big grin on my face.

Phantom 4 FC330 1/200s f/2.8 ISO200 3.61mm (35mm eq:20mm) 

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