03-22-17 Home Away

By Scott Shephard

Since I got my drone in December, I have looked forward to going to our cabin in the Black Hills and getting photographs of places I have been many times but have never really "seen." I said that about The Rock in my last post. I'll add our cabin to the list.

I took this photo after the sun had gone down. I turned on every light I could thinking that I would get an interesting photo of a cabin in the woods surrounded by glowing light. The porch lights don't show but the lights in the living and dining room do. It's seems like a pleasant and quiet place, doesn't it? Fortunately, you can't hear the buzzing of the drone in this photo. :-)

For those who are interested in technical details, this is a 5 frame HDR composite edited in Lightroom and Aurora HDR 2017.

Phantom 4 FC330 1/13s f/2.8 ISO181 3.61mm (35mm eq:20mm)

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