03-26-17 The Road Not Taken

By Scott Shephard

Those familiar with Robert Frost will know that I used the title of one of his most famous poems for the title of my post today. His poem spoke figuratively and symbolically about life's choices.

My title is more literal. I think you can see that the country road below me used to go straight off into the distance. But Nature had other plans. Some would call Lonesome Lake, where I took this photo, a "prairie pothole" given that it is very shallow. I don't know when it filled with water but I would guess it might have been back in the late 1990s. The blockage of this road was a minor annoyance compared to the major flooding Watertown and Lake Kampeska got back then.

What I like about this road is that because it goes nowhere these days, nobody goes there. That makes it my kind of place - I can work alone and enjoy the quiet purity of the South Dakota prairie.

Phantom 4 FC330 1/25s f/2.8 ISO143 3.61mm (35mm eq:20mm)

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