19.02.15 Starry, Starry Night

By Scott Shephard

I have resisted doing star photography because it seemed like everyone else was doing it a few years ago. So my stubborn nonconformity kept me from having the “holy s*&%” moment that I had an hour ago when I tried it for the first time from the upper deck of our rental house on the Sea of Cortez in Baja Mexico (more accurately Baja California Sur, aka BCS).

I wouldn’t be doing this except for the fact that for the last couple mornings Deb and I have enjoyed the relative warmth of the hot tub in our back yard here. Both days Deb has expressed awe in all of the stars overhead. So this photo is my tribute to her ability to see what I couldn’t or wouldn’t. She gave me chocolates for Valentines’ Day. I guess I’m giving her the stars. But one day late . . . .

(PS: If you are looking carefully at this photo on a screen larger than a phone, you will see a structure. That’s the lighthouse pictured in a little better light in my last post.)

Canon 5DIII 25s f/2.8 ISO1600 16mm

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