19.02.16 Going To School

By Scott Shephard

Cabo Pulmo is a marine preserve along the southeast shore of the Sea of Cortez. Years ago it was a fishery that had been severely overfished and the government tried something bold. They said let’s forbid fishing here and see what happens.

This photo is a screen capture of one tiny little part of the preserve. I’ve seen fish while snorkeling before but I’ve never felt so outnumbered. Though the water was a little murky along the reef and there were pretty good waves pushing us around in what was the most open-sea snorkeling I’ve done, it was amazing.

Cabo Pulmo is not all that easy to get to in that the last 10 miles or so of road leading to it is rough, washboarded gravel. But as a South Dakota car salesman says in his ads, “It is worth the drive.”

GoPro 5 Video Frame Capture

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