19.02.23 Puerto Escondido BCS Mexico

By Scott Shephard

Un-Cruise Adventures, out of Seattle, sends the Safari Endeavour to Alaskan waters in the summer and to the Sea of Cortez in the winter. They call themselves “Un-Cruise” because they aren’t like normal cruises in that they don’t stop at cities and towns throughout the week-long voyage. Instead, all of the adventures are on the water or anchored in bays where hiking, kayaking and snorkeling are options. The Sea of Cortez is aptly called “the world’s aquarium” by Jacque Cousteau and so there’s plenty to see and do on, in and near the water.

The Safari Endeavour does make one port of call, however. It is here at Puerto Escondido, which, as you might be able to see, is not exactly a tourist trap. The port of call is made only so the cruisers can be transported across the Sierra de la Giganta to the other side of the Baja to experience and amazing up close and personal whale encounter at Magdalena Bay.

Deb and I just returned from Baja Mexico but we didn’t make the cruise this year. Instead, we met up with the captain of the Safari Endeavour and had breakfast with him, though Deb and I agreed that even though I’ve done this cruise twice and she three times, we would do it again.

If this sounds like an advertisement, I guess it is. As some of you know, the captain of the Safari Endeavour is our youngest son Jon. He and his crew do good work. And I get no discounts for promoting this wonderful voyage. Really.

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