04-20-13 Dubrovnik Mosaic

2013 04-20 Dubrovnik Mosaic2013 04-20 Dubrovnik Mosaic

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02-02-10 Another World

This is yet another photo from the Plitvice Lakes. I am standing on the shore shooting down. The clear, blue water is not fancy Photoshop work - it is the amazing work of Nature.

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02-01-10 Running Water

This is one of the many waterfalls at the Plitvice Lakes in Croatia. I had no tripod for the shots I took in this beautiful location so the water isn't quite as blurry as I'd like. The striking feature of the the Plitivice Lakes is the amazingly blue and clear water that flows through the park.

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07-11-09 A Hand From the Grave

This is my third cemetery post in less than a month. I hadn't planned on posting this particular photo because it really has no meaning outside of the context it was taken in. But people looking at my Croatia pictures have commented on it so I've decided to post it.

To help provide you with the context for this photo, you need to click here and then click here.

Now imagine strolling down the long arcade lined with family crypts (as seen in the first link) and coming to a crypt decorated with a skeleton with strange hands reaching out from the wall. Creepy. The cemetery is Mirogoj Cemetery in Zagreb, Croatia.

What are the hands for? Votive candles? Flowers? Who knows.

1/50s f/4.0 ISO400 105mm

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06-16-09 Smile!

I couldn't help photographing the Asian tourists being photographed in front of a painting on a giant egg in front of a famous landmark in Zagreb, Croatia. (Confused?)

To see the setting for this photo, click here.

Canon 5DII 1/400s f/13.0 ISO400 24mm

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06-14-09 Fishing Net Repair - Vrboska, Croatia (Hvar Island)

Deb and I were enjoying our last evening strolling the back streets of the small port village of Vrboska, Croatia, when this man spotted us. He spoke very little English but tried to talk to us anyway. At one point, he signed for us to come inside his shop, the floor of which was covered in piles of fishing nets. He said, "I am professional" and sat down and began to show us how he fixed nets. His pride and his desire to demonstrate his skill were clearly apparent.

This is a very strongly lit photo - but I didn't use flash. Instead, the man helped me by turning on the flourescent lights that lit his shop and (conveniently) sat in the doorway, which was flooded by the pure late afternoon sunlight reflected off the wall of a fortress located a few yards from his door.

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06-13-09 Swallow Tail and Lavender

I thought I'd balance my rather somber cemetery photo from yesterday with something a little less heavy. So how about a butterfly perched on some lavender?

This photo was taken on the island of Hvar, just off the coast of Croatia. Deb pointed out the butterfly and told me it wasn't "just" another butterfly but that it was a swallow tail. She says it was the third one she'd ever seen. I guess it's my first one. Hvar Island, incidentally, is one of the world's largest producers of lavender. I have seen lavender before - but not fields of it like I've seen here.

Click here for more photos of Croatia and Bosnia-Herzegovina.

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06-10-09 Serenity - Plitvice Lakes, Croatia

Plitvice, Croatia, by Scott Shephard

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06-08-09 Future Museum of the Homland War

IMG_2532 Driving south from Zagreb, you start to see the impact of the 1991 war over what used to be known as Yugoslavia. Near Slunj, Croatia, we encountered this place, which was a collection of weapons, generally of Soviet make, that were used and/or captured during this war. Nearby was a memorial for the local people who had died in the war.

In this photo a young child is encouraged to climb up on one of the tanks. In the background is a shelled out building that was clearly involved in a ground battle. Look closely and you can see dimpled holes in the building. Those are from bullet strikes.

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06-07-09 Cemetery Arcade - Zagreb, Croatia

Our flight landed on time in Zagreb yesterday afternoon and after picking up our rental car and checking in to our hotel, Deb and I headed to a . . . . cemetery?

But this is Mirogoj - one of the more famous European cemeteries. And if you are looking for a unique tourist experience that is serene and unlike most anything else you've ever seen, this is the place.

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05-16-09 Croatian Surprise

This little village is on the island of Hvar, which is part of Croatia. It was total serendipity that my friend Scott and I ended up spending two great days here. And it turns out that, according to one of the few residents who spoke English, we were the first people from the US to stay in this village. I am not a particularly adventurous traveler and get nervous when I don't have reservations for the night. But this place (down a 5-mile long one lane road!) was a great surprise. Click here to see this photo's location on Panoramio.

Canon 5D 1/20s f/4.0 ISO400 50mm

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