Deb Shephard

19.02.28 On the Beach

Scott Shephard

The last morning of our escape to Mexico earlier this month was marked by unusually “cool” weather. 58 degrees - ugh! We had a few more hours on the Costa Azul (the Blue Coast) before we went back to the airport and ultimately back to the Frozen North. So, bracing ourselves, we put our jackets on and went down to the shore.

I flew the drone one last time and caught Deb watching the gentle waves of the Pacific Ocean lap the south coast of Baja California. She appears to be deep in thought, doesn’t she? We can only imagine what she might be thinking.

Mavic 2 Pro Hasselblad L1D-20c 1/160s f/5.0 ISO100 10.26mm (35mm eq:28mm)

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05-01-16 No Worry


By Scott Shephard

Deb told me that if I posted this, I couldn't post another of us the two of us for the rest of the trip "because," she said, "people can post too many selfies." So be it. Tomorrow, if I have an Internet connection, it's back to animals, places and things.

Canon 5DIII

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